New Dawn Consulting

Our Approach

Transparent and insightful connections breed growth.  Individual growth and growth in our relationships.  Today’s leaders crave these kinds of interactions and relationships.  This is what we aim to deliver—we call it the New Dawn Way.


At New Dawn Consulting, our goal is to uncover the uniqueness and possibility of the organizations and leaders we serve—and ultimately, to affect the heart of the leader.  To know them as individuals, understand their challenges and their strengths, and in turn, bring about positive change in their lives, which then cascades into their organizations.


We provide a wide variety of services that impact organizations in the areas of human resources, organizational growth, and talent acquisition and development. These are the places where organizational change and peak performance originate.


As leaders grow and develop, people are inspired to follow.  The New Dawn way aligns people to the heart of the organization, and in turn, creates an adjustment that results in stronger, more unified teams and more effective organizations.

New Dawn Consulting | Norcross, GA