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Meet The Team

The team at New Dawn is comprised of individuals who embody the New Dawn Way.

We live out the values we prescribe.


Dr. Dawn has spent the last 22 years helping leaders, franchisees, and organizations in the fast-casual, franchise, and retail space. She facilitates courses with franchisees and business leaders on “all things people.” Her expertise is in Organizational Leadership and Development, Talent Acquisition and Management, Succession Planning, and Employee Relations.





Andee is our rock star Executive Assistant. Always eager to learn and grow, Andee’s goal is to help New Dawn Consulting stay organized and ahead of communications and administrative tasks. When she’s not working, you will most likely find her working on a new puzzle, sipping a fresh cup of coffee, or doing something adventurous outdoors.









Rebeca, while obtaining her Masters in Business Administration, developed a passion for helping organizations operate in the most efficient and effective way possible. She does this by leveraging the strengths of their own employees. Rebeca has learned that to accomplish this there needs to be a focus from the leader in the development and investment of their team.










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